How Ecoriginals stayed true to its sustainable values whilst expanding

Ecoriginals was first introduced to Byron Bay Australia in 2011 by a husband & wife team who as parents found the lack of eco options frustrating and unacceptable. Their truly eco disposable diaper was a world-first milestone and marked the start of a new era of environmental choice for parents. 

Ecoriginals diapers arrive wrapped in 100 percent home compostable packaging. The brand's craft paper packaging with corn starch lining is a world-first too not only does the packaging decompose, it is also wonderful worm food for keen home composters!

By working with Borderless360, Ecoriginals was able to stay true to its sustainable vision, incorporate its specialist packaging and simplify its supply chain management through one connected platform.

With Borderless360, Ecoriginals benefitted from:
US and UK expansion

Through Borderless360, Ecoriginals has been able to harness automation, order orchestration, customs support and direct injection to scale into new markets all whilst keeping costs low and delivery times down.

Sustainable options

Sustainability is in the Ecoriginals DNA. By incorporating its specialist packaging and carbon neutral shipping, Borderless360 was able to ensure Ecoriginals stayed true to its values and ethos.

One connected platform

With Borderless360’s connected platform, Ecoriginals can get full visibility of its supply chain from anywhere in the world, harnessing 1-click integrations and powerful analytics.

“B360’s team has provided a valuable service in understanding our challenges and working with us to drive costs down and improve customer experience.”
Philip Hutchinson | Merchandise and Logistics Director
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