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How Hey Bud Skincare utilizes Borderless360 to fulfill thousands of orders

Alex Roslaniec, Fedele D'Amico and Ollie Watts, best friends based in Australia, launched Hey Bud Skincare in late 2019. In their first 12 months they sold more than 26,000 units of their Hemp Clay Mask - and made $1million.

Promising results of reduced spots, fine lines, tightening of pores and calming inflammation after just one week, Hey Bud’s Hemp Clay Mask has become Australia’s number one-selling hemp clay mask.

Since then they have seen steady growth. In particular, during lockdown, Hey Bud Skincare saw a 1,160% increase in sales in the six month period between March 2020 and August 2020, selling out twice.

'We noticed a huge influx of new customers during the pandemic with the rise of the self-care movement and we were delighted to support our customers during a hard time, making their wine and Netflix night feel that little bit better with a face mask,' Ollie Watts said.

As their sales grew, Hey Bud Skincare had to find a partner that could keep up with their exponential growth and help them expand into new markets.

With Borderless360's holistic logistics solutions, Hey Bud Skincare were able to access

Borderless360 were able to help streamline Hey Bud Skincare’s business through offering freight forwarding services. This means, Borderless360 is able to coordinate directly with Hey Bud’s manufacturers, moving products from factory to the customer.


Drawing from Borderless360’s extensive experience and expertise, Hey Bud Skincare were able to receive tailored advice and support on how to move their products into new markets, ensuring they complied with all regulations seamlessly.


Direct injection is the process of consolidating multiple orders for the first leg of their journey overseas, after which they are “injected” into the destination country’s courier network for final delivery. By using Borderless360's direct injection services, Hey Bud Skincare were able to reduce costs, shorten delivery and clearance times, and ensure a more reliable service.

“We were really impressed that Borderless360 could keep up with our record order volumes, whilst not compromising on customer service and reliability.”

Ollie Watts | Co-founder at Hey Bud Skincare
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