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How Borderless360 helped simplify listed company, Lovisa's supplychain

Since launching their first store in 2010, Lovisa has opened over 400 stores across 15 countries in Europe, South Africa, Asia and America. Lovisa’s mission is to bring brilliantly affordable, on-trend jewellery to the world. Now a listed company, their sales have grown by more than 40% a year over three years to more than $100 million and earnings have doubled in the last two years to more than $16 million.

Lovisa’s in-house design team scours runways and fashion shows for the latest trends, products are made to order by suppliers in China, India and Thailand and delivered to stores or distribution centres within six to 10 weeks. Jewellry ranges are updated with 100 new designs every week, fuelling a constant stream of demand.

With teams spread across the globe, Lovisa were looking for a partner where they could consolidate their logistics, creating a simple, efficient service for their staff and customers.

Lovisa were able to simplify and streamline
their business with Borderless360 by:

With Borderless360’s platform, Lovisa were able to quickly integrate their various marketplace sales with Borderless360’s platform, ensuring a seamless system from sale to shipment. As multiple teams can have access to the platform, Lovisa’s staff can have full visibility over stock levels, order volumes, delays and costs so that they coordinate together across timezones and continents.


Furthermore, Lovisa were able to drive down costs and shorten delivery times by offering in-country fulfillment across multiple markets with Borderless360’s extensive partner network.


Through Borderless360's platform, Lovisa's team are able to access detailed analytics to help them measure vital logistics metrics. This provides powerful insights across regions, supplier and service performance levels, expenses and timelines.

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