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Oh Crap: Staying true to a sustainable mission with carbon neutral shipping

Tired of disposing of his dog’s poop in non-degradable plastic bags, founder of Oh Crap, Bruce Hultgren decided to do something about it. 4% of landfill is dog poop, much of it held in plastic bags that take 1000 years to break down. To tackle this, Oh Crap developed a cornstarch fully compostable bag that breaks down in three months. On a mission to reduce dog waste’s impact on the environment, Oh Crap has found ways to partner with local councils, retail partners and the RSPCA Australia, becoming it’s preferred supplier of poop bags to shelters across the country as well as becoming a corporate supporter of the charity.

With Borderless360, Oh Crap were able to take advantage of:

By being able to work directly with Oh Crap’s manufacturers in China, Borderless360 were able to streamline Oh Crap’s supply chain through their freight forwarding services. This has allowed Oh Crap to cut out middlemen in their supply chain, reducing transport needs and consolidating services to global locations.

Order orchestration

The technology underpinning order orchestration ensures that parcels are automatically sent from the closest warehouse to the customer, meaning Oh Crap are able to optimise delivery journeys, reducing their footprint globally.

A sustainable partner

Borderless360’s commitment to sustainability through their carbon neutral status means Oh Crap can count on 100% carbon neutral shipping globally. Through Borderless360’s offset programme, Oh Crap are able to support climate protection projects around the world, staying true to their sustainable mission.

Oh Crap
“Borderless360’s carbon neutral status means Oh Crap can continue to stay true to our sustainable mission. Through making this commitment, all Oh Crap shipments are carbon neutral, reducing our footprint and helping us contribute towards climate protection projects globally”.

Bruce Hultgren |Founder at Oh Crap
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