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How Pupnaps harnesses Borderless360’s unique tailormade solutions for growth

Pupnaps co-founder Jye de Zylva, noticed that his kelpie would get incredibly stressed out when he would return home from work. De Zylva teamed up with friend and serial entrepreneur, Davie Fogarty, to create a line of innovative dog beds aimed at curbing anxiety and stress in their pooches. 

Following the international success of one of Fogarty’s own brands, Calming Blankets, a line of weighted blankets designed to assist adults and children with troubled sleep or sensory conditions, the duo created a line of innovative dog beds aimed at curbing anxiety and stress in dogs.

Pupnaps took off immediately and has consistently grown since its launch in 2019. “It took us probably six to seven months [until] we did our first million-dollar month, which was really exciting in terms of the success and what it meant,” Mr de Zylva said.

The Davie Group, Pupnaps parent company, looked for a logistics partner that could create unique solutions for all of the brands under its belt, including Pupnaps.

Borderless360 created a tailor-made
solution for Pupnaps by:
Developing a delivery strategy

The Pupnaps is a bulky product, meaning it needed something beyond a one size fits all approach in order to properly manage courier logistics and keep costs competitive. By harnessing a wealth of experience and a vast courier network, Borderless360 were able to create a bespoke global strategy, specific to Pupnaps products.

Harnessing a global network

Using Borderless360’s vast warehouse and courier network, Pupnaps were able to harness freight forwarding solutions and first and last mile logistics to maximise their growth into new markets.

Using an all-in-one system

With Borderless360’s technology, Pupnaps are able to manage their logistics supply chain from one platform and harness 1-click integrations, automated billing, and responsive performance analytics, giving them full visibility.

"It was a huge priority for us to find a logistics partner that could help us streamline our complex operations. Through Borderless360's comprehensive platform we're able to manage tens of thousands of orders across multiple countries, keep track of enquiries and have complete visibility of performance analytics. The team has been great at understanding our needs and working with us to provide the best possible delivery experience."

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