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How the Davie Group ships worldwide with Borderless360’s global network

Despite only establishing itself in 2018, the Davie Group has grown to one of Australia’s biggest emerging names in eCommerce consolidation. Encompassing 10 consumer brands including The Oodie, Calming Blankets and Pupnaps, the Davie Group’s portfolio ranges from clothing, health and wellness, beauty and pet care. And with products sold across the globe every ten seconds with a projected revenue of almost $250 million for 2022, The Davie Group has grown exponentially.

The Davie Group has teams spread across the globe, and as they continued to scale, they began looking for a partner that could help unify their logistics whilst keeping up with their continued growth. 

Looking for a partner that would help streamline their business whilst keeping up with their global demand, The Davie Group began working with Borderless360.

Through Borderless360’s global network and responsive
team and systems, the Davie Group were able to:
Centralize communication

With Borderless360’s in-app ticketing system, Davie Group team members can collaborate, manage and keep track of enquiries all in one place. With response times under 15 minutes, Borderless360’s team are able to keep the Davie Group up to date with tens of thousands of orders.

Harness technology

Using Borderless360’s technology, the Davie Group are able to manage their logistics supply chain from one platform and harness 1-click integrations, automated billing, and responsive performance analytics, giving them full visibility.

Grow globally

With warehouses spread across four continents, and a worldwide network of freight forwarding solutions and first and last mile logistics, Borderless360 were able to help the Davie Group leverage a global network to maximise their growth.

"It was a huge priority for us to find a logistics partner that could help us streamline our complex operations. Through Borderless360's comprehensive platform we're able to manage tens of thousands of orders across multiple countries, keep track of enquiries and have complete visibility of performance analytics. The team has been great at understanding our needs and working with us to provide the best possible delivery experience."

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