Having been successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2019, The Shame of Life’s popularity rocketed, starting many great, ridiculous and weird conversations all over the world. The Shame of Life is a board game “for people who like imagining ridiculous situations, solving improbable problems and talking crap with friends”. The game aims for the players to lose their inhibitions and have some great conversations around some pretty crazy topics.

One board game has now spurned three expansion packs, growing The Shame of Life’s product line and audience.

Starting in the UK, The Shame of Life were able to harness Borderless360's network to scale quickly into the US, Canada and Australia.

The Shame of Life streamlined its supply chain through:
Connecting manufacturer to customer

Streamlining The Shame of Life’s supply chain, Borderless360 were able to connect directly with their manufacturers in China. This meant that middle-men could be cut out and that production is directly connected to stock levels, sales and distribution, ensuring a seamless journey straight to the customer.

Fully integrated solutions

With Borderless360’s platform, The Shame of Life have been able to fully integrate its manufacturing, sales and delivery all through one platform it can access anywhere.

Dynamic customer service

Throughout the recent changes to the logistics landscape including the Coronavirus Pandemic and Brexit, the Borderless360 team has been responsive and proactive in ensuring a great service for The Shame of Life and its customers.

“The team at Borderless360 have been pivotal in the expansion of our brand. From the ease of use of their web client to the helpful consultation with various team members, they've been a huge improvement on our previous 3PL partners.

If you're a brand looking to scale globally, you'd be doing your organisation a disservice if you don't factor Borderless360 into your research for a logistics partner.”
Gareth Breeze | Founder at the Shame of Life
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