Important updates relating to COVID-19

We hope you, your family and your business are doing well during this difficult time. We’re monitoring the global situation daily, working closely with our supply chains to ensure as little disruption as possible.

We’re happy to report that, on the whole, our systems and services are performing reliably. There are some nuances to report across our four continents.


Our Australian fulfilment centers are fully operational. There have been some delays to shipping couriers as their sorting centers have established extra protocols to adhere to social distancing. However, we don’t expect this to cause any business-critical delays.

Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong fulfilment centers have been affected only by minor delays to shipping times.

United Kingdom

Thankfully, we’re seeing delays only to shipments outbound to Europe.

United States

There has been no adverse impact to our US operations.

You’ll be the first to hear updates as the effects of the coronavirus unfold. We wish you all the best and, as always, we’re only one call away if you have questions or concerns.