Sharing What We Know

At Borderless360 we’re committed to simplifying logistics for e-tailers everywhere. As part of that mission, we love to share our experience and expertise in helpful guides. Here you’ll find free access to our latest eBooks on all things shipping and fulfilment.
Selling to the Land Down Under eBook
Keep Calm and Sell On eBook
Freight Forwarding eBook
Pitfalls of logistics eBook
Own your 3PL switch eBook
Sustainability eBook
Going global eBook

Selling to the Land Down Under

Strategies for Entering the Australian Market as a Foreign Entity

  • Understand Australia’s unique market
  • Learn different entry strategies
  • Navigate regulatory complexities
  • Receive an actionable entry checklist
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Keep Calm and Sell On

Insights and Strategies for Entering the UK MarketExplore the UK's e-commerce landscape, regulations, and strategies for successful market expansion in this comprehensive guide.

  • Grasp the UK's e-commerce landscape and local fulfilment benefits
  • Navigate post-Brexit VAT changes and import requirements
  • Understand FHDDS compliance essentials
  • Learn about UK intellectual property, licensing, and insurance
  • Get a practical guide for selling goods in the UK
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Straight Forward Freight Forwarding

Demystify the freight forwarding link in the supply chain with this in-depth eBook that guides you through:

  • What is freight forwarding?
  • How e-commerce is changing the freight forwarding industry
  • Pricing unpacked
  • The benefits and the risks
  • An all-in-one solution
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Pitfalls of Logistics for E-Commerce Retailers

Turn problems into solutions and set up foundations for a thriving business poised for growth in our eBook:

  • Control costs
  • Harness growth
  • Get cross border clarification
  • Own order resolution
  • Leverage automations
  • Get into the driver’s seat
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Levelling up to a new 3PL

Our latest eBook helps you own your switch by guiding you through the pros, cons and pitfalls of switching 3PL providers and taking you through the process step-by-step. Levelling up to a new 3PL includes:

  • Differentiating between 3PLs
  • Red flags to look out for
  • Creating a 3PL wish list
  • Picking the right time to switch
  • Communicating with your customers
  • Borderless360, an end-to-end global logistics provider
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Climate Conscious Shipping and Fulfilment

We break down sustainability strategies you can implement today so you can have a measurable impact across your business in our eBook, Climate Conscious Shipping and Fulfilment.

  • Green packaging options
  • Maximizing picking and packing
  • Sustainable transit solutions
  • Creating loops in your supply chain
  • Borderless360’s carbon neutral journey
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Going Global: Our Guide to Success

In this eBook, you’ll learn how you can propel your business with reliable, streamlined and unified approaches to help you level up and break into new markets.

  • How to expand into new markets
  • What unified platforms can do for you
  • How to build customer confidence
  • Pre-emptying and keeping track of errors
  • Staying on top of distribution
  • A little about us, Borderless360
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