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Important! Protecting you from fraud

Date: 11 May 2020

This is an important message informing you that some criminals are using tampered domain names (URLs) to trick people into sharing personal or financial information. In particular, watch out for suspicious emails relating to (notice the one ‘s’) informing you that Borderles360 is handling the fulfilment and shipping of goods you have purchased from a retailer.

If you receive any messages from, do not act on them as they are a scam. They may look like they have been sent by Borderless 360 Limited, but they’re fakes. Remember, we never send emails to you on behalf of the retailers we support. Such messages are managed only by the retailers directly.

Key points

Always keep your personal information confidential and never share it with anyone. 

Useful information on all aspects of data security and how to protect yourself online can be found at

Reporting fraud

If you have concerns that you may have been the victim of fraud, you should contact the retailer from where you purchased the goods, as well as your bank and the authorities.

Many thanks

Borderless 360 Limited