Learn about climate conscious shipping and fulfillment in our latest eBook

Climate Conscious Shipping and Fulfillment with Borderless360

Are you determined to make your supply chain greener but don't know where to start? In our latest eBook, we break down sustainability strategies you can implement today so you can have a measurable impact across your business.
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As consumer awareness of e-commerce’s environmental impact grows, sustainability is taking a leading role in e-tailers’ strategies.
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In our eBook you’ll discover
The data driving the change in consumer behaviour habits
Green packaging options
What's available and where do you start
Maximizing picking and packing
Sustainably optimizing your supply chain
Sustainable transit solutions
How technology is revolutionising delivery choices
Creating loops
Harnessing green returns
Borderless360's carbon neutral journey
How B360 reached carbon neutrality at no extra cost to our customers
About borderless360

Borderless360 is a global logistics platform that uses technology to give e-tailers fast and cost-effective fulfilment and shipping services.

Our team creates strategies and software to optimize the three touch points of global e-commerce: shipping, updates, and delivery. We use the latest automation technology, efficient supply chains and a global partner network to give our customers a competitive edge in cross-border trade and logistics.

The heart of our business is in flexibility, allowing our customers to personalize their shipping and fulfillment approach. We have an agile mindset and are constantly looking for ways we can improve and provide value to the platform.

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Climate Conscious Shipping and Fulfillment with Borderless360

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