Keep Calm and Sell On

Breaking into the UK's e-commerce market may seem daunting due to unique VAT regulations, import requirements, and logistical challenges. Our ebook simplifies this process, providing invaluable insights and practical steps to successfully navigate these complexities.
Ebook B360 Keep Calm and Sell On
With the proper preparation and research, you can take advantage of the UK's booming e-commerce market. We've covered how to localize your e-commerce experience to make UK customers feel at home and how to maximize the benefits of selling to the UK.
In our eBook you’ll discover
Understanding the UK Market
Identify unique attributes of the UK's dynamic e-commerce landscape.
Local Fulfilment Advantages
Explore how local fulfilment benefits businesses and improves customer experience.
VAT System Post-Brexit
Navigate the complexities of the VAT system in a post-Brexit era.
Intellectual Property and Licensing
Learn the importance of intellectual property and product licensing in the UK.
Effective UK Customs Navigation
Discover how to successfully navigate UK customs for smooth product delivery.
Global Expansion with Borderless360
Leverage Borderless360's services for efficient, successful UK market entry.

Borderless360 is a global logistics platform that uses technology to give e-tailers fast and cost-effective fulfilment and shipping services.

Our team creates strategies and software to optimize the three touch points of global e‑commerce: shipping, updates, and delivery. We use the latest automation technology, efficient supply chains and a global partner network to give our customers a competitive edge in cross-border trade and logistics.

The heart of our business is in flexibility, allowing our customers to personalize their shipping and fulfilment approach. We have an agile mindset and are constantly looking for ways we can improve and provide value to the platform.

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