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How Pod & Parcel continued to grow their cult following into new regions

In 2015, Pod & Parcel revolutionised the Nespresso experience by using Melbourne’s best speciality coffee in a biodegradable pod. They made quality coffee more accessible whilst removing the waste often associated with the pod experience.

Expanding to the US in 2019, Pod & Parcel used Borderless360’s expertise and extensive partner network to grow into the region seamlessly, bringing small-batch, Melbourne-quality coffee to the masses.

With Borderless360, Pod & Parcel harnessed:
A simplified supply chain

With Borderless360’s extensive global network and expertise, Pod & Parcel were able to set up and grow into US markets seamlessly, without adding complexity.

In-country fulfillment

Through in-country fulfillment, Pod & Parcel could drive down costs (including offering free shipping) and shorten delivery times by keeping products closer to their customers using Borderless360’s extensive partner network.

Freight Forwarding

Coordinating directly with Pod & Parcel’s manufacturers, Borderless360 are able to cut out multiple middle men, moving products from factory to the customer, simply.

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