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With Borderless360's commitment to carbon neutrality, provide your customers with the most sustainable shipping solutions available worldwide
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Borderless360 is committed to providing solutions that protect and improve the environment so that we can contribute towards a more connected sustainable planet. We’re determined to improve our supply chain and add value to our clients’ experience through a global sustainability strategy that is incorporated into our business model, our procedures, new innovations and across our culture.

We recognise that sustainability is a key brand initiative for many of our clients. It's in service to their missions as well as our own drive towards sustainabile innovation, efficiency and corporate responsibility that has led us to look for ways that we can create an impact, towards lasting change.

One way we are we are reducing our impact is by having a strong local fulfilment network across four continents, which is continually growing. By harnessing local fulfilment, we are able to use less emissions-intensive transport closer to where our retailers' customers are located. This in turn helps us reduce emissions, speed up delivery times and drive down costs, which become savings that we can pass onto our clients.

Secondly, we have achieved certification as a Climate Neutral Company from global climate action expert South Pole. Through this process we have offset the emissions of all of our shipping on behalf of our customers, at no extra cost to them.

A key pillar of our sustainability pledge is carbon neutrality. We have achieved this by:
Impact reduction
We use local fulfilment with less emissions-intensive transport closer to where our retailers' customers are located.
We keep track of emissions from all our shipping and internal operations.
We then purchase carbon offsets on our clients' behalf, at no extra cost to them.

We have partnered with South Pole, a leading project developer and provider of global climate action solutions who has certified our carbon neutral status. South Pole has developed over 700 climate action projects worldwide with verified and certified impact. Through our partnership with South Pole, we have measured and set a plan to reduce emissions from all our historical, current and projected shipping and operational emissions. To compensate for these emissions, we have purchased carbon offsets which support climate protection projects around the world. Together, we can contribute towards a more sustainable future.

By being transparent about our progress, eager in our pursuits and collaborative in our approach, we will continue to keep our sustainability promise, creating a legacy of change.


In our latest eBook, Climate Conscious Shipping and Fulfilment, we follow your package’s journey and delve into different sustainability practices available to you so you can have a measurable impact across your business.

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