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Straight Forward
Freight Forwarding

It can often be difficult to unpick what service or provider is right for you. And with shifting roles in the industry, lines between various logistics providers begin to blur

Within this free eBook, we hope to pull back the curtain on what freight forwarders do, how they sit within the logistics industry at large and how you can harness their expertise.
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Simplifying any chain removes weaknesses that might lead to snags. By consolidating multiple services, freight forwarders are able to smooth over issues more easily as they have more control and oversight over more part’s of your products’ journey.
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In our eBook you’ll discover
Breaking down the jargon and getting down to what a freight forwarder does
The difference between shipping, logistics, 3PLs and freight forwarding
From bulk to individual shipping
How e-commerce is changing the freight forwarding industry
How it works
A step by step process of how freight forwarding fits in the supply chain
Pricing explained
Breaking down where all the $$$ goes
The Benefits
Opportunities you can take advantage of
Determining your needs
Prompt questions to help you decide if a freight forwarder is right for you
Freight forwarding risks
Things to consider before partnering with a freight forwarder
Borderless360, an all-in-one solution
Connecting every link in the supply chain
Borderless360 end-to-end logistics

About Borderless360

Managing logistics can be complex, time consuming and confusing. Your customers expect reliability and efficiency, but it can be difficult to optimise fragmented supply chains across multiple partners.

At Borderless360, we’re on a mission to simplify logistics for e-retailers by being the one partner you need to streamline your supply chain and grow your business globally. The heart of our business is in flexibility, allowing our customers to personalize their shipping and fulfillment approach.

Optimizing the three touch points of global e-commerce: shipping, updates, and delivery, we’re able to clearly address the needs of retailers of all sizes. Whether you’re a listed company, or an SME wanting to expand into a new market, Borderless360 organizes the complexities of logistics, ensuring you have simple, frictionless shipping and fulfillment experiences.

Borderless360 is a certified carbon-neutral company with sustainability and corporate responsibility part of our core values. We offset all carbon emissions from our shipping and fulfillment activities on our clients' behalf, helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

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Demystify freight forwarding in your supply chain with our new eBook

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